Facebook Is Amazing Social Website

We all love communicating with different people. We love to talk, we love to chat and we also love spend time in talking. In the present time, there are many mediums to communicate with different people. We have phones, the internet, emails and the king of all the social media apps.

Facebook Is Amazing Social Website

In the contemporary time, we uses different things to talk to different people, they can be our friends,

our enemies, rivals, just joking friends but it's true that we communicate with these people as well. We also communicate with the people to whom we don't know. Indeed, the social media has made such an impact on us that none of the people is left untouchable to it.

I don't say it's bad but the addiction of anything is never good. On the social media, we chat; we post our photographs, update the status and also get to know about many feeds. In some way, it is quite good, isn’t it? Just forget this part and answer me the simple questions


What is a Facebook?

It would be foolish enough to say that we don't know, what is the Facebook, because we all are addicted to it and those, who are not for them the answer is here. It’s a social media platform, where people connects with others via chat, status, feeds and much more things that can’t be elaborated but it can be felt.

Facebook has got worldwide recognition, as its owner has just introduced a new platform to the people to feel connected with their love ones and apart from them they can also get the chance to connect with the people they don't know.

What is a Facebook

Don't think that Facebook, only offers chat option, there are renowned people, who have joint this platform to get connected with their fans. The most famous stars all the time update their work and experience on it and also if you are a news lover, you can find news feeds on this platform. If you love to go video calling and that for free, you can use this platform for that as well.

Let’s directly bump to its features to know more about this social media Platform.



1- First of first, this platform is useful when you are connected through net, and it also comes in the form of a app that you can easily download from the Google App store and that is the Play Store.

2- You can easily share photographs, videos and also you can update your status in a day anytime.

3- You also get the notification, whenever your friends like or comment on your status or on any posts.

4- Not only talking and reading feeds option is available there but you can also play games and use your favourite apps on this.

5- If you want to promote your things, you can also do that. There are many options available on this platform that you can utilize for promoting your things.

6- The most important thing of this platform is that all the things that you do on it are for free, so, you don't have to check your pocket, when it comes to using the Facebook.


So, these were the features that must have lured you towards it and now you all must be willing to know how to download it, so, let’s go to that part.


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